Warm-up your voice in just 5 minutes! 

An affordable, versatile and quick warm-up solution.

Warm-up to protect, prolong and power-up YOUR voice.


Think of your voice as a healthy, successful athlete. Athletes always warm up before taking part in their sport and they always cool down after. YOUR voice should be no different.

An efficient cool-down is just as important as an effective warm-up, and both are included free in the VoxNinja 5-minute Warm-Up.

The VoxNinja 5-minute Warm Up includes:

  • 12 tracks across 30 minutes of audio. The tracks feature explanations and examples, and you can choose between a male and female range for all exercises.
  • The VoxNinja e-book (PDF). It’s a clear and concise document that helps you get the most out of your warm-up and cool-down exercises. 


All this for under $10? Yes!

Other programs offering only warm-up exercises can cost well over $50.

So why is this program so cheap? It’s simple – we want these exercises to be accessible to singers all around the world, regardless of how much cash they’ve got, their preferred genre or level of experience.

Start warming up and cooling down your voice the right way today. Buy VoxNinja 5-minute Warm-Up for the special price of $9.95 and get closer to achieving your vocal goals.

Buy VoxNinja 5minute Warm Up today for the special price of $9.95!  

VoxNinja Warm Up Tracklisting
  1. Vox Ninja Welcome
  2. What Sounds Can I Make?
  3. What Do The Sounds, Sound Like?
  4. Extra Sound Tips
  5. Angry Librarian Explanation
  6. Vox Ninja Warm up Explanation
  7. Vox Ninja Cool Down Explanation
  8. Vox Ninja Warm Up Female
  9. Vox Ninja Warm Up Male
  10. Vox Ninja Cool Down Female
  11. Vox Ninja Cool Down Male
  12. Vox Ninja Conclusion



About The Creator

“The voice is a muscle, it must be warmed up and cooled down just like a pro athlete would. Without an effective process sooner or later singers will run into trouble.” – Joel Harrison

VoxNinja and Think Better, Sing Better are the creations of Joel Harrison, an Australian vocal coach, singer, songwriter, guitarist, author, yogi and certified hypnotherapist.


“The voice is a muscle, and it must be warmed up and cooled down – just as an athlete would warm their muscles up before competing and then cool them down afterwards,” Joel says. “Without an effective process for doing this, singers will run into trouble sooner or later.”


From very early on in his singing career, Joel struggled with his voice. Overcoming his own vocal problems motivated Joel to help other singers solve theirs, free their voices and achieve their singing goals.


In 2010, Joel moved to Nashville – the country music capital of the world – where he received his accreditation as a certified Brett Manning associate vocal coach. Joel has been teaching a growing student base ever since while also tirelessly researching the inner workings of the voice. He’s studied a myriad of vocal literature, programs and ideology, and broadened his understanding of vocal anatomy and physiology. This has led Joel to develop a range of VoxNinja programs as well as Think Better, Sing Better, the world’s first course linking a singer’s mind to their vocal ability.


“When I was younger, I was bullied during singing lessons, made to feel worthless by teachers and pushed to the point of breakdown,” Joel confesses. “Looking back, I can see how wrong that was. I don’t believe you get the best out of students by making them feeling uncomfortable or inferior in lessons.


“If I give my best as a teacher and motivate my students in a comfortable, friendly, fun and professional environment, it gives them the best chance to achieve their goals. I’m on their team and if they succeed then I succeed.”


“Every singer – and teacher, for that matter – is ultimately after the same things. Firstly, range extension. Connection from top to bottom with no evidence of the passaggio. Then, consistency in both tone and stamina. And finally, the ability to sing softly, loudly and everything in between on any note within their range.


“As a teacher and friend, I’m incredibly lucky to be part of every student’s lifelong journey to discovering their truly unique voice. I love teaching because it means that every day I can meet and help new people learn the tools they need to create the music and sounds they hear in their heads.”

“Over thinking usually leads to under performing” – Joel Harrison

In the car, shower, backstage, bathroom or anywhere!…
YOU can healthily warm up your voice

Is the VoxNinja Warm Up right for Me? 

Well, are you a singer:

Struggling with your voice? ✓
Lacking in confidence? ✓

Self-sabotaging and seemingly unable to reach your goals? ✓
Battling crippling anxiety when performing and practicing? ✓
Who’s considered a ‘professional’ but feeling anything but? ✓
Who is dedicated to your art and craft, and ready to make changes for the future? ✓


If any or all of these resonate, we would strongly suggest you
TRY VoxNinja Warm Up TODAY! 

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

Should I really warm up and cool down every time I sing?

Yes. Think of yourself as a vocal athlete. Warming up and cooling down consistently is the best way to keep your voice in shape now and for the future.

Then why don’t some of the best singers I perform with warm up and cool down?

We’ve all met singers like this. But the truth is, the majority of singers can’t get away with this type of behaviour in the long-term. From our experience, failing to warm up and cool down catches up to singers eventually. When it does, it can mean the development of nodules, blowouts, cancelled performances or worse. The most protective and professional thing you can do for your voice is warm up before you sing and cool down after.


I'm currently studying with another teacher/using a different program. Will it be counter-productive to do both?

We believe the VoxNinja 5 minute Warm Up is a great addition to any vocal practice, coaching or performance. In saying this, if your current teacher has not encouraged and taught diligent warm-up and cool-down practices, then we would urge you to research methods for yourself.

How do I use the program?

Before listening to any of the warm-up audio tracks, we recommend you read and complete the VoxNinja e-book. This will ensure you have a general understanding of the concepts used within the audio portion of the program so you can get the most out of the program as a whole.


Which track should I use?

Once you’ve purchased the program, we would recommend you listen to each track at least once before attempting the exercise. Then it’s up to you to choose the track you feel will work best for you and your voice. And don’t forget, you can repeat any of the audio exercise tracks as many times as you like until you feel ready to go or completely cooled down.