Warm up your voice in just 5 minutes! 

An affordable versatile and quick warmup solution.

Warm Up to protect, prolong and power up YOUR voice.


Think of your body and voice like a successful and healthy athlete. Athletes never take part in their sport without warming up and cooling down; and YOUR voice is no different.

An efficient cool down is just as important as a warm up, and this is included free in The VoxNinja 5minute Warmup.

The VoxNinja 5minute warm up includes:

  • 12 audio tracks consisting of over 30 minutes of audio, featuring explanations, examples, male and female versions of both warmup and cool down exercises. 
  • The VoxNinja e-book (PDF). A short concise and to the point PDF to ensure you get the most out of your warm up and cool down exercises. 


All this for under $10? Yes! Other programs that have just warm up exercises go for well over $50.

Why is this so cheap? Because we want these exercises to be accessible to singers all around the world. No matter of their financial situation, genre or experience levels.  

Warm up and cool down your voice the right way starting today and move towards your vocal goals.

Buy VoxNinja 5minute Warm Up today for the special price of $9.95!  

VoxNinja Warm Up Tracklisting
  1. Vox Ninja Welcome
  2. What Sounds Can I Make?
  3. What Do The Sounds, Sound Like?
  4. Extra Sound Tips
  5. Angry Librarian Explanation
  6. Vox Ninja Warm up Explanation
  7. Vox Ninja Cool Down Explanation
  8. Vox Ninja Warm Up Female
  9. Vox Ninja Warm Up Male
  10. Vox Ninja Cool Down Female
  11. Vox Ninja Cool Down Male
  12. Vox Ninja Conclusion



About The Creator

“The voice is a muscle, it must be warmed up and cooled down just like a pro athlete would. Without an effective process sooner or later singers will run into trouble.” – Joel Harrison

Voxninja and Think Better, Sing Better is the brainchild of J Harrison a vocal coach, singer, songwriter, guitarist, author, yogi and certified Hypnotherapist.

From his beginnings, as a singer, Joel struggled with his own voice. Overcoming these vocal problems has motivated Joel to help other singers solve their own vocal problems, free their voice and work towards achieving their own goals.

In early 2010 Joel returned from Nashville, USA receiving his accreditation as a Certified Brett Manning Associate Vocal Coach. Since this time Joel has been teaching a constantly growing student base and relentlessly researching and learning more about the voice through the study of numerous vocal literature, programs, ideologies, and anatomy. This has led to the development of the VoxNinja Warmup, Daily Vocal Workout and Think Better, Sing Better.

Reflecting on past experiences Joel conveys “I do not believe in making students feel uncomfortable or inferior in lessons, I have personally had lessons where I’ve broken down, been bullied and made to feel worthless by teachers….its wrong, if I give my best as a teacher and motivate my students in a comfortable, friendly, fun and professional atmosphere, it gives them the best chance to achieve their vocal dreams. I am on their team, if they succeed with their voice I succeed as a teacher”.

“Every singer and teacher for that matter is ultimately after the same thing…Range extension. Connection from top to bottom with no evidence of the passagio (vocal break). Consistency in tone and stamina. Finally the ability to sing from soft to loud and everything in between on any note within their range”.

Joel declares “As a teacher and friend, I am incredibly lucky to be part of every student’s life-long journey of discovering their truly unique voice. I love teaching as every day I meet and help new people, giving them tools to create the music and sounds they hear in their heads”.

“Over thinking usually leads to under performing” – Joel Harrison

In the car, shower, backstage, bathroom or anywhere!…
YOU can healthily warm up your voice

Is the VoxNinja Warm Up right for Me? 

Well… are you?

A singer struggling with your voice? ✓
Struggling with your confidence? ✓
Never feel ready to go for your first song when performing or practicing? ✓
A voice professional feeling not so professional? ✓
Dedicated to your art and craft, and ready to make changes for the future? ✓ 
Self-sabotaging and unable to reach your goals? ✓

If any of these resonate, we would strongly suggest you
TRY VoxNinja Warmup TODAY!

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

Should I really warm up and cool down everytime?

Yes. Think of yourself as a vocal athelete. Warm up and cool down, it is the best practice to keep your voice in shape, now and for the future.

Some of the best singers I perform with don't warm up?

Yes, we’ve all met singers like this. But the truth is the majority of singers cannot get away with this type of behavior in the long term. From our experience, over time this will catch up to singers in the shape of nodules, blowouts, canceled performances or worse.  Be professional, warmup and SING.


I'm Currently Studying With Another Teacher/Program? Will This Be Counter Productive?

The VoxNinja 5 minute warmup we believe will be a great addition to any vocal practice, coaching or performance. In saying this, if your current teacher has not encouraged and taught diligent warmup and cool down practices, then we would urge you to research methods for yourself.

How Do I Use The Program?

Before listening to any of the warmup audio tracks we recommend that you read and complete this e-book. This will ensure that you have a general understanding of the concepts used within the audio portion of this program.

Which Track Should I Use?

We would recommend that you at least listen to each track once. You can repeat any of the audio exercise tracks as many times as you would like until you feel ready to go or cooled down.